Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Week of December 20, 2010

Here are the meetings, events and happenings for the second-to-the-last week of 2010.

As you will see below, this week will prove to be a busy week for the County.

Just in case you have not had the oppurtunity to see the agenda/Commission Packet for Monday's Regular Meeting, here is my post from earlier this week.

This notice has been posted for some time, but I thought I would pass along to the each of you:
The Robertson County Board of Education will hold a Special Called Meeting on Monday, December 20, 200 at 5:30p.m. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss and possibly act on the Guaranteed Maximum Price for the construction/remodeling of a potion of the Water Bonnet building for the required Alternative School. And, to discuss and possibly act on the selection of an architect for the planning and design of a Central Office facility also located in the Water Bonnet property. The meeting will be held in the Board room of the Central Office located at 2121 Woodland St.

The RCC Education Committee will meet following this Special Called Meeting.


Date & Committee/Board Time Location

Monday - December 20
Special Meeting: School Board                                     5:30 P.M. Central Office

Nominating                                                                   6:30 P.M. Juvenile Courtroom

County Commission                                                      7:00 P.M. Juvenile Courtroom

Tuesday - December 21

911 Board                                                                    9:00 A.M. 911 Office

Health and Safety                                                         5:30 P.M. Finance Office

Wednesday - December 22

Safety                                                                          8:30 A.M. County Mayor's Office

Highway Commission                                                  10:00 A.M. Highway Offices

Thursday - December 23

HOLIDAY - Offices Closed

Friday - December 24

HOLIDAY - Offices Closed