Friday, December 24, 2010

Montgomery County: Unemployment Figures

The Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle takes a look at local employment/unemployment figures like we did a few days ago.

In taking a peek around to our neighbors, it looks like all our neighbors are backsliding so far as unemployment figures goes over the last couple of months.

Here is a breakdown of the surrounding counties that the article cites:
[Stewart County with 11.4 percent unemployment, up from 10 percent the previous month;
and 10 percent for the two neighboring Kentucky counties of Christian and Trigg — actually down 0.1 percentage point from the month before;
Houston County has 10.5 percent unemployment, up 0.4 from October;
Dickson County is at 9.9 percent, up 0.5;
Cheatham County's rate is 9.1, up 0.5;
Robertson County is at 8.5, also up 0.5.]

It would look as though that Clarksville's slide comes from a direct source or two, which has me somewhat curious regarding where our slide is coming from.

I know of no recent rounds of layoffs or cutbacks from any of our local, larger employers.