Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CONFIRMED: The Logo for the Highland Crest College Campus

To follow-up from "My Minutes" posted earlier today.

I heard Springfield Mayor Billy Paul Carneal in a conversation on "Page 2" this morning on WDBL confirm that the Board of Mayor and Alderman voted to confirm the same logo on Tuesday evening that the RCC voted to approve on Monday evening.

Bottom line: (as many of you have asked to see) Here is the new logo for the Highland Crest College Campus.

Again, many thanks to Tom Trapp of Bear Brook (Bear Brook's website can be found here) for the donated hours in collaborating, designing and meeting to produce this logo.

(On a personal note, I know Tom from our days in Leadership Robertson County, and he has a very interesting personal story of recently
hailing from Cedar Hill, Tennessee / A tremendous asset for our community and if you see Tom please thank him for his service)