Saturday, December 4, 2010

Educating on Education

On Monday, November 29, 2010, the RC School Board, the RCC – Education Committee & the Robertson County Education Initiative (REdi – through the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce) met in a collaborative meeting to essentially introduce the various entities to one another by putting faces with names; and to generally have a discussion of topics that the three entities share in interest: Education in Robertson County.
On a brief side note, many of you may know, but if you do not already, "REdi" is an effort spawned from the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce – Education Committee. It is headed by Director Danny Atchley. Here is a brief description from their Facebook Page (
Created by the Education Committee of the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce to form a unique partnership between the business community and local schools to challenge, support and improve local public education.
The Robertson Education Initiative strives to initiate and sustain an ongoing dialogue between business people and educators about workforce needs and the resources required to meet those needs. REdI seeks to achieve broad-based community support and investment in public education at all levels.
Some of the projects that REdi is a part of, or has generated:
Renaissance Program
Robertson County Teachers Mini Grants
L.I.F.E. ( Local Industry for Education)
Tennessee Scholars Program and Dinner
Youth Leadership Program
Pep Rally on the Square
Education Awards(Teachers and Students)
Education Surveys: Parents, Teachers, and Industry
I thought that this meeting was a success, and I was frankly energized by the discussion had between the various entities. Many of the topics that were discussed - you could probably guess since folks generally know the challenges that Robertson County Schools face in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. What I found energizing is not the discussion of the concerns, but the frankness, and the willingness of those that were there to be part and parcel of the solutions to these concerns. I think someone even opined my sentiment precisely in stating that he had a concerns before the meeting that "this would be just another committee that meets to discuss" but after hearing the discussion that he will look forward to the next. I will, too. I find that too many times that generally all folks are willing to do is point out the concerns without taking that next, crucial step. And, I am not just speaking of folks in general as much as I am speaking of business and governmental leaders.
Here are some of topics of import that we discussed:
  • Robertson County Schools are in the process of hiring a Public Relations Employee;
  • The perceptions/reputation of Robertson County Schools outside of Robertson County;
  • Springfield schools as the flagship of Robertson County;
  • "We are losing" & "How do we stop losing" folks to Davidson Academy and other private schools;
  • Businesspersons & Professionals who send their children to private schools and the lack of willingness of businesses to support Robertson County Schools.
I will definitely look forward to the next of these meetings, and will be looking forward to hearing from the each of you and your concerns that should be addressed. District 10 is unique in this effort since we encompass both Springfield, and of course, Robertson County.