Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome! ....to the Tennessee Technology Center.

Forgive me for being a little late in posting anything on this, but I certainly wanted to welcome the Tennessee Technology Center to the City of Springfield and Robertson County.

If you have not heard of the TTC, take a look here.

Just a look at what is immediately in store

“We’ve brought in the equipment for the nursing CNA program,” Lenz said. “We ran a survey to see if there was enough interest in making [licensed practical nurse] classes available and there wasn’t at this time, but we will do it again in the fall. We’ll ask the Board of Nursing for permission to start an LPN class as soon as we get a survey that justifies beginning an LPN class.”


Lenz said the school will begin open courses for Introduction to Computer in June. “This class will teach people how to access their bank account, how to use their email, how to fix simple problems using their computer at home; how to print; how to Skype your grandchildren,” he said. “Those classes will be offered in day and at night.”


Lenz said the TTC campus will be open for any kind of special industry classes for businesses, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word and Excel. He said the staff will be open to teaching classes such as a billing and coding class and other areas of interest."

This facility is the old "Alternative School" - you might recall my discussing this project here. It was certainly an easy vote, and I am proud to have voted to provide this building for the TTC.


Robertson County Growth Plan: Hope to See YOU Tonight!

By now you have probably heard of tonight's Public Workshop at Highland Crest Community College campus where the draft of the Robertson County Growth Plan will be presented - TONIGHT at 5:00pm.

Here are my comments in the Robertson County Times

“We can’t stress enough how important the input of residents and business owners is for the success of this project,” said Jonathan Garner, chair of the project’s steering committee. “This plan will affect everyone in Robertson County in some way, so providing ample opportunity to have issues addressed is very important to us."

Robertson County Growth Plan: "Can A County Outside Nashville Grow Without Losing Its Fams?

And, this was the precise question we tried to answer this morning on Nashville Public Radio.

We being Robertson County Chamber of Commerce CEO Margot Fosnes, Robertson County Mayor Howard Bradley and myself.

How did we do?