Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shopping Local: Why? / Next Year!

Marcus Washington, of NewsChannel5, covered Robertson County this past week with a story on the importance of shopping locally:

Succinctly, because it benefits the community in which YOU live.

It is almost a companion story to the piece Jim Bellis had in the Robertson County Times earlier this week.

Anecdotally, this piece asks local leaders and businesses what their thoughts are of the economic outlook for 2011. "Cautious optimism" seems to be the theme here in Robertson County.

As relates to both stories, it so good to see Robertson County in the news in positive ways.

On a side note, whenever I see Springfield's downtown/courthouse square on the news, it always goes to show me how fortunate we are to have such a proactive group of downtown merchants, businesses and professionals who have worked so hard to maintain and preserve such a vibrant and beautiful square. Time and again, when I see other communities on/in the news, we shine that much more.


  1. Unfortunately, I frequently find the merchants in our county to be lacking. Over the last several months, I have purchased several large-ticket items for my home. For each, I earnestly attempted to spend my dollars in the county (Springfield, actually) for the very reasons outlined in this news story. I was very frustrated to find that for each item, either availability was limited, customer service was poor, or the price was simply too high. Going "down the ridge" seemed to solve all those problems. I'm not naive enough to believe that is always the case, but it does make me less inclined to look closer to home.

  2. Anonymous:

    Of course, I cannot speak to your situations, but I generally find the situations you set out happen to me in reverse. I generally find customer service to be what you would expect from chains "down the ridge," canned and boxed.

    As well, between hassle and mileage, any of those other issues are generally squashed in my humble opinion.

    I would hate the anecdote to stifle this effort! Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. I just made a large purchase and could not find what I needed and the merchant was not helpful. In fact he was rude so I was forced to go down the ridge.