Saturday, January 29, 2011

RC EMS: The Latest Example....

And, another example (w/video from Channel 4 News) of items that continue to trickle out of EMS.
This one is inexcusable. It is inexcusable in the sense that I do not care who “authorized” these folks to do this, this is blatantly dishonest from the top to the bottom.
I think it illustrative of the culture that has been allowed to take shape at EMS.

2011: State Economic Forecast

A quick update on the 2011 economic forecast from the University of Tennessee:
An economic forecast from the University of Tennessee says the state won't recover all of the jobs it lost during the recession for another three years.
The annual report to the governor by the UT Center for Business and Economic Research says job growth is expected to gain vigor in 2011, but non-farm employment won't fully recover until 2014.
The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports the center's prediction is for 36,000 new jobs during this year, for a 1.3 percent gain.
The jobless rate at the end of the year is still expected to remain above 9 percent. That's more than double the rate of a decade ago.

Monday, January 24, 2011

LIVE BLOG: RC Commission - Regular Meeting 2011.1.24

Invocation by Dr. Dean of Springfield Baptist Church

Mayor Bradley speaking on the RTA - Relax and Ride trial program; all are welcome to join on January 31st; trip to begin at 6:30am but confirm with the Mayor's office.

Update #2 - Congressman Diane Black will speak to the RCC on 2/3 at 4:30pm

Department reports passed

Hearing from Billy Vogle on the nominating Committee

Update #3 - Hearing reosltuion from Planning & Zoning

Hearing from the Commissioner Steve Haley in regards to the RC Schools - Guarnateed Maximum Price (Recall what I had spoke to in a previous post);

Recognized Dan Whitlow as a member of the body; Comm. McAfee points out that the costs of grown - Dan Whitlow explaining that the project has expanded to include speculation on the move of the Central Office.

Update #4 - 60% of bids will be local; not necessarily the bigger contractors, but 60% local on this job - looks like these figures, since it is a smaller project, allow for a higher percentage. Passed.

Update #5 - Hearing from Commissioner Haley on the energy efficiency loan agreement; Passed.

Update #6 - Resolutions 3 & 4 have been stricken pending further consideration;

Budget Amendment - Commissioner Billy Ray - Essentially a move within the court shifting resources from the circuit court to the juvenile court; Judge Glover has approved. Passed.

Update #7 - Point of Privilege: Discussion / Follow-up regarding the presentaiton from Mr. McAnulty.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Relax and Ride: On the News

Here is "Relax & Ride" in the news. NewsChannel5 reports on what I posted on earlier this week.

January Commission Packet

Last month I had shared with you about the Regular Meeting – Commission Packets that are located on the Robertson County, Tennessee website.

If you have not seen yet, here is Monday's new resolutions:
1.     Alternative School Guaranteed Maximum Price (Schools)
2.     Energy Efficient Schools Initiative Loan Agreement (Schools)
3.     Financing Energy Efficient Schools Initiative Loan Agreement pending
4.     Encourage the Observance of the Ten Commandments
5.     Amend Budget year ending June 30, 2011(Circuit/Juvenile)

The Week of January 24, 2011

Date & Committee/Board Time Location
Monday - January 24
County Commission                            7:00 P.M. Juvenile Courtroom

Tuesday - January 25

Wednesday - January 26
Safety                                                 8:30 A.M. County Mayor's Office

Thursday - January 27
Personnel                                           5:00 P.M. Finance Office
EMS                                                  6:00 P.M. EMS Office
Zoning Board of Appeals                    6:00 P.M. County Office Building
Highway Commission                         7:00 P.M. Highway Offices

Friday - January 28


Not wholly unexpected. Unfortunately, I did see these events transpiring.
With the resignation of Robertson County EMS Director Jackie Wilkerson, County Mayor Howard Bradley moved quickly to maintain continuity by appointing an interim director.
I have intentionally refrained from taking time to write on this issue since I did not want to contribute to the proliferation of the rumors and innuendo that many of you have inquired with me on in the past several weeks. Channel 4 covered this story this week (there is a video). I will say, with what has been discussed and what continues to come forward in the fallout. Here is their coverage of the issue:
Last spring, Robertson County's EMS Director Jackie Wilkerson signed an agreement with Saint Thomas Hospital to send Robertson County ambulances to Davidson County High School football games. However, the mayor said that Wilkerson didn't get permission.
"It shouldn't have happened. First of all, he was not authorized to sign a contract," said Bradley.
"I thought that's why I was the director. I could make those decisions," said Wilkerson.
County leaders call what occurred a breach of safety because if there was a major emergency in Robertson County, some ambulances would have been farther away.
"He knew I was sending trucks to cover events," said Wilkerson.
"The mayor knew?" asked reporter Jonathan Martin.
"Yes sir," said Wilkerson.
Wilkerson and the assistant EMS director are resigning over this controversy. After 23 years on the job, Wilkerson said he's hurt that he's leaving over a decision that ultimately brought in money for the county.
"The fact that my ability was questioned after all these years. Yep, that hurts," said Wilkerson.
"It should have been made universally aware to not just the committee, but to the full commission. There was a lapse there that shouldn't have happened," said Bradley.
Wilkerson's final day on the job was Wednesday. An interim director is already in place.
Because of what happened, the county mayor says he's meeting with all department heads about getting approval before making certain decisions.
This week's CC Personnel & EMS committee meetings will be that much more important as we move forward.

What we will have to look at is what direction this vital service is headed.

What can we do to re-structure, to re-organize…to ensure that this vital service runs as fluidly as possible? That will be my concern in looking ahead.

Now is the opportunity to evaluate where we are with this service. A fresh look, and a fresh start in moving forward.

Gearing up for “Relax & Ride”

Thanks to Margot Fosnes for continuing to get the word out about this program.

In her weekly column with the RCT, Margot discusses the 'Relax & Ride' program that I have discussed here, here and here.

As you may or may not recall, the R&R program begins on January 31st and runs through February 11th. Here is a little bit more information regarding the actual busses themselves.
This free bus service is operated by Gray Line of Tennessee and is designed to gauge the interest of commuters in Springfield and Joelton. Buses for this route will make a morning trip to Nashville and an afternoon trip to Springfield. The buses for the route are equipped with restrooms and televisions and can accommodate up to 56 passengers. Cost to ride is free; however, it is on a first-come, first-served basis up to the 56 person capacity.
I am personally excited about the 'R&R' program just simply for what information we can derive from it. What do I mean by that? Well, as I discussed in the previously, for the County to be able to evaluate where it is, and where it needs to be so far as growth will be something that leaders need to consistently.
I could almost say that the 'R&R' program, and Highway 431 widening coincide. I think that Margot says it better than I could, though:
As studies continue to be published highlighting the tremendous need for the middle Tennessee region to find new and more efficient ways for our working population to get to and from work in the region without exacerbating the already congested roadways, services such as these commuter express buses will be an important component in any regional transportation plan. The popularity of programs like Relax and Ride will also highlight the need for more study of light rail and bus rapid transit systems to serve our community.
Here are the logistics:
Buses depart from downtown Springfield at 7th Ave. W. and Locust Street at 6:30 a.m., stop at the Springfield Wal-mart at 6:41 a.m., Joelton Family Dollar at 6:58 a.m. and arrive at Music City Central in downtown Nashville at 7:18 a.m.
The buses will then continue towards the Vanderbilt University campus with stops at 10th Avenue and Broadway at 7:25 a.m., 21st Avenue and West End at 7:30 a.m., 21st Avenue and Edgehill at 7:33 a.m. and arrive at 21st Avenue and Children's Way at 7:37 a.m.

The afternoon bus will depart 21st Avenue and West End at 3:48 p.m., stop at 21st Avenue and Edgehill at 3:51 p.m., 21st Avenue and Children's Way at 3:58 p.m., 10th Avenue and Broadway at 4:08 p.m., Bay 7 at Music City Central at 4:15 p.m.
From downtown, it will continue towards Joelton, stop at the Joelton Family Dollar at 4:40 p.m., Springfield Wal-mart at 4:56 p.m. and arrive at the downtown Springfield at 5:12 p.m.
If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Check out the website: or 615.862.5950

Friday, January 21, 2011

18th District: Neither ‘R’ nor ‘D,’ but ‘W’ (for Win) for Robertson County.

Congratulations to Kerry Roberts!

As a citizen of Robertson County, I am happy that Robertson County certainly will be well represented.

Kerry Roberts, of course, hails from Robertson County…

Republican or Democrat aside, it is certainly a positive for Robertson County. Of course, Kerry must now face Democratic nominee Ken Wilber on the March 8th.

Here is the story:
Kerry Roberts of Springfield won by wide margins in Robertson County and ran a strong third in Sumner, while Gallatin candidates Bryan Bondurant and William Slater split the Sumner vote. The 18th District seat covers all of Robertson and all but one precinct in Sumner.
Roberts, 49, will face Democratic nominee Ken Wilber in the March 8 general election. Wilber currently serves as mayor of Portland.
"I hoped to win but it was a very close race, and I'm just very excited and thrilled by the outcome," Roberts said Thursday.

Here are the totals:

The first number is votes in Robertson County. The second number is votes in Sumner County while the third number is their total of votes for both counties.

Bryan Bondurant, 118 1454 1572
Fred Congdon, 16 215 231
Joe Warren Jones 13 119 132
Kerry Roberts, 1496 835 2331
William Slater, 310 1391 1701
Jeff Stromatt. 26 55 81
Roberts takes the election by a 630-vote margin.
A special general election will be held on March 8. In it, the winners of each party’s primary election will face each other in a contest for the 18th District Tennessee Senate seat vacated by Diane Black.

I hope that Kerry does not mind me publishing this from his e-mail newsletter:

Today has been an exhilarating day as we celebrate the primary victory. First and foremost, I praise God for his goodness, mercy, and love. There were many difficult days along the way but he is faithful. Second, I thank my lovely wife, Dianne, and our children. The sacrifice on a family is almost too much to bear - but they have been steadfast in their determination to help me win. Finally, I thank each of you - you have a been a wonderful source of encouragement and strength.

Our celebration is short-lived, though. We started working today on the general election which will be March 8th and I'm thrilled to have the support of the other Republican candidates! Please go ahead and circle the date on your calendars now.

Thanks again for all your help! Kerry

Public Service Program

A County program that goes unsung is the Public Service program deriving from the Robertson County General Sessions Court.

Each quarter, Judge Burton D. Glover issues reports regarding tonnage picked-up, hours worked and the number of persons working. Of course, these persons represent those that owe "obligations" to the Robertson County General Sessions Court. So, it is a number that you cannot get too pumped up about….nevertheless, it a program that does not get much press that I think should be recognized more since it turns "negatives" into "positives."

If you are interested in the figures, please contact me, and I will be happy to provide.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alternative School: GMP

We received the "GMP" (Guaranteed Maximum Price) today for the Alternative School project.
Here is the update we received from Robertson County Schools:

Cost of Robertson County Alternative School Project
Water Bonnet Remodel
Guaranteed Maximum Price $1,209,215
From Hewlett Spencer, LLC.
Low Voltage Allowance $ 110,000
Furnishings and Misc. $ 50,000
Total Project $1,369,215

Winter Weather Wondering:

This is a little UN-timely, as I do not know how this will necessarily change with the early release, and closure tomorrow….BUT, here is an explanation of the amended Spring schedule in light of the winter weather.
Robertson County Schools, along with most other middle-Tennessee schools took a five-day snow break in January due to snow, ice, and cold. Altogether county schools have used seven of the nine snow days that were built into the school schedule for 2010-11.
Assistant Director Danny Weeks said that in order to provide a bit of a buffer for potential days that might yet be needed, a scheduled parent-teacher day on Feb. 10 has been rescheduled as a normal school instructional day.
Like I said, I do not know how things may have changed…

From Water Bonnet, to….

Robertson County Schools are seeking community input in regards to potentially renaming "Water Bonnet Drive" after purchasing the Water Bonnet Property.
The Robertson County Board of Education has purchased a building which will house the Alternative School and New Central Office. The building is located at 800 Water Bonnet Drive, Springfield, TN. The Board is considering changing the name of Water Bonnet Drive to reflect an image of public education.
Please send your suggestions for names by email to or call Donna Trice at 615-384-5588.
Recall that the building was purchased for the Alternative School. The School Board is quickly moving to get this site ready for potentially relocating the Central Offices to this location.

Robertson County Schools: CLOSED - Friday, January 21, 2011

Robertson County Schools are closed on Friday, January 21, 2011.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From the Comptroller: “Annual Financial Report – Robertson County, Tennessee”

Many of you may have seen this press release, but I wanted to pass this along for your consideration.
The State Comptroller provided the results of their audit. You can find those results here.
Here is recommendation I find most intriguing:
Robertson County does not have an Audit Committee. Sound business practices dictate that establishing an Audit Committee would significantly improve management oversight and accountability. The absence of an Audit Committee has been a management decision by the County Commission. The Division of County Audit strongly believes that an Audit Committee is a best practice that should be adopted to assist the County Commission by providing independent and objective reviews of the financial reporting process, internal controls, the audit function, and being responsible for monitoring management's plans to address various risks. (page 149).
Again, as I have said, I know there is not a "magic bullet" for the County's financial woes, yet, we can entertain ideas that we have not done before to try to solve problems that we continue to see.

MY Minutes: Gorham-MacBane Public Library Board Meeting – 2011.1.16

Last Friday morning marked my second meeting with the Gorham-MacBane Public Library Board of Directors as a member.

What a packed agenda, and it is exciting to see a board with such energy. Too many times you see entities or groups that have no energy, and this is definitely not so with the Gorham-MacBane Library Board.
With that said, this packed agenda included a new direction for the Board's finances, an update from Regional Librarian, and a general update on the steps towards expansion.

Audit Report / Financial Direction –
Though I am not privy to the relationship before, the new finances/accounting are being modernized for the position the Board is in with the community. Meaning, the standing that the Board has with the community makes this a natural step. Singleton Financial Services will be taking over. Though I have not ever worked with Jamie Singleton and his folks, there reputation and standing within the community puts the Board in good hands.

The Library Board was presented with the findings from a recent audit, and given recommendations in moving forward.

As it was pointed out by several Board members, this housekeeping puts the Board in a better position to sell-itself to potential donors as the Capital Campaign moves forward (for the Library Expansion Project). On its face, I would certainly concur, and anything that the Board can do in this regard is certainly welcomed.

Regional Librarian Report –
I have not heard from the Regional Librarian before so I welcomed the opportunity to hear from her as to the state of the state & region.

She presented a memo that is in the works with the Tennessee Secretary of State. Apparently, there has been an evaluation firm that has presented findings with the understanding that there will be some major changes throughout the state. Once the Haslam Administration is settled, we should know more.

Update from Cindy Sneed on Library Expansion –
 We can expect plans to be available in the next two weeks. There were the plans that were discussed several weeks ago.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Economic Development: Us, Too.

Though this is a story regarding Clarksville, this segment caught my attention.
Companies, he said, are in a better capital position. They're erasing debt, and once times are better, he thinks there will be an investing spree.
The national figures seem to support his position.
Norbert J. Ore, chair of the Institute for Supply Management Manufacturing Business Survey Committee said in an official report that the manufacturing sector "continued its growth trend ...
Robertson County must be ready, too.     I am confident that our own Robertson County Economic Development Board is taking the necessary steps to prime Robertson County for position when the economic downturn begins to shift direction.
Economic development is pivotal for it permeates every aspect of the County.
Specifically, the RCEDB's focus has been on Maxey Road, an undeveloped interstate interchange. I anticipate that I will be able to share with you regarding developments regarding this project in the months ahead as they are currently "in the works."

MY Minutes: Animal Control Committee Meeting 2011.1.6

I am a little late in following-up with these from the meeting of January 6, 2011. My apologies, but professional and personal affairs have been keeping me a little behind so far as the updates are going…

All in all, this meeting was one for which there was not any tremendous news of note.

We are still moving forward with the project that I discussed in a prior post. As a matter of fact, Robertson County should see ads in the newspaper soon on how to donate to this effort.

Local Government Law: Who’s Who in the General Assembly.

Much has been written, and much has been said about state government this past week. And, well, that coverage will continue this weekend with the transition going on as a type in Nashville.

This coverage, of course, being due to the General Assembly's receipt of their committee assignments as well as this weekend's inauguration of Governor Bill Haslam.

Below are some of those General Assembly assignments that matter to local government. These folks would be the state leaders charged with generating, overseeing and analyzing county and municipality law in the General Assembly.

TCCA Executive Director David Connor has compiled who is who, and who is where in their assignments. Check it out:
Today, standing committee appointments were named. There were few changes in the State Senate, except that Sen. Ken Yager was named chair of the State and Local Government Committee. Sen. Yager takes the post after Sen. Ketron moved to the position of Republican Caucus Chair with the departure of former Sen. Diane Black to Congress. Sen. Yager has extensive experience in county government, having served several terms as County Executive of Roane County.

In the House on the other hand, virtually every committee has new leadership. One exception is the State and Local Government Committee, where Rep. Curry Todd of Shelby County continues to serve as chair. Rep. Bob Ramsey of Blount County will serve as Vice Chair and Chair of the general subcommittee of the State and Local Government Committee. Speaker Harwell instituted the first major change under her leadership today when she revamped the subcommittee structure in the House of Representatives. Previously, every House committee had 2 or 3 subcommittees and all bills moved through a subcommittee before passage in a full committee. Now, each committee will have only one general subcommitee and not all bills will be referred to a subcommitee. The Speaker announced the change as a means of streamlining the legislative process.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

State Revenues: More of the Same

From the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle:

Again, more encouraging news…..BUT, nothing definitive.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Revenue collections are showing continued improvement in Tennessee's finances, but the state panel responsible for setting projections for the next budget year has unted that task for another month.
The State Funding Board was supposed to release its projections for the upcoming spending year in December, but blamed a water leak in a state office building for delaying until January.

But at Thursday's meeting, the panel agreed to put off the estimates until next month so it can incorporate holiday shopping activity in December and give the administration of Republican Gov.-elect Bill Haslam a say in the projections after he takes office.

General fund collections were $34 million above projections in December, which reflects economic activity in the previous month. Revenue collections for the year to date stand at $78 million above estimates.
I guess we can look forward to the numbers when they are actually released. Just my footnote, but it seems that if they were that encouraging, a water leak would not be cause for delay.

But, hey, that is just me….

The Week of January 10, 2011

Here are thee meeting currently scheduled for this upcoming week. As a member of the Legislative Committee, I will be attending the meeting scheduled for this Thursday.

MEETINGS SCHEDULED WEEK OF:January 17 - 21, 2011
Date & Committee/Board Time Location

Monday - January 17

Tuesday - January 18
911 Board                                                 9:00 A.M. ECC Bldg., 115 Pinnacle Dr.
Fire                                                           5:00 P.M. ECC Bldg., 115 Pinnacle Dr.
Health & Safety                                         5:30 P.M. Finance Office
Solid Waste                                               6:00 P.M. County Office Building

Wednesday - January 19
RTA                                                         10:00 A.M. 400 Charlotte Ave.
GNRC                                                     11:00 A.M. 400 Charlotte Ave.
MCHRA                                                  Noon 1100 Kermit Dr.

Thursday - January 20
Legislative                                                 5:00 P.M. County Mayor's Office

Friday - January 21

Thursday, January 13, 2011

LIVE BLOG: Special Called Budget Committee Meeting - 2011.1.13

To open this meeting, we are hearing from Chairman Billy Ray about the projects over the last several years - Archives, the Jail, the Courthouse, etc. etc.

Billy Ray: There is an issue of raising taxes, but we cannot think of it this way as much as we should "pay for what we have done."

UPDATE #1 - Now, we are hearing from our Financial Advisor, Thomas D. McAnulty of Stephens, Inc. // The Commissioners should have the facts and options. // This meeting will help us see where you are, how you got here, and what's steps you should take... // Going through the indebtedness, and reasons for said indebtedness since 1999

UPDATE #2 - 6:14pm - As a side note, any one that would like copies of these figures presented by Mr. McAnulty, please contact me. I have a costs of all of these outlays.

UPDATE #3 - 6:16pm - Still from Mr. McAnulty: Now going through the current indebtedness. // He is going through bond markets, and providing some information on the relevance of these docs.

UPDATE #4 - 6:18pm - By the way, the Commissioners here tonight: Steve Haley, Shannon Polen, Don Eden, Carol Dugger, Faye Stubblefield, Billy Ray, Tommy Jackson, Billy Vogle, James Bowens, Patsi Gregory, Bobby Jones, Bill Grey and Bubb Dorris.

UPDATE #5 - 6:23pm - Our Credit ratings: S&P: A+ / Moody's AA3

UPDATE #6 - 6:27pm - We have a "good" credit rating, and there are only two others counties have a better standing in the State of Tennessee

UPDATE #7 - 6:33pm - Hearing the fundamentals: "Understanding County Budgets" // Going through the particulars of what we, as a county, are REQUIRED to provide to the citizens of a county - education, jails & correctional services, etc. Interesting: studies show that 90% of a typical budget are non-discretional expenditures.

Here we go: "Paying for what we borrowed"

UPDATE #8 - 6:39pm - May be elementary, but bonds are a contractual obligation to pay - state will intervene with the requirement to raise property taxes in the event that we cannot meet those obligations.

Even though we are new....we have inherited certain debts.....See, but I feel as though my obligation is to first look at what we can be more responsible for, first.

UPDATE #9 - 6:44pm - We are operating at -4,882,000 expenses

UPDATE #10 - 6:53pm - Possibility that the 2012 property appraisal going down..... // Serious problem with funding debt service fund

UPDATE #11 - 7:01pm - Mr. McAnulty: In order to cover, the property tax increase would need to be $00.34 right now to cover debt service estimates.

UPDATE #11 - 7:03pm - Going through a proposed resolution. Now we are going through the semantics of what a property tax increase is.....basically, because we are so far in debt, we HAVE to "adjust" the property tax rate.

UPDATE #12 - 7:06pm - OPTIONS: Re-structure & Re-finance: We could reduce the amount of the property tax increase, we could delay the property tax increase....Basically, looking at an approach to stagger the tax increases for each year.

UPDATE #13 - 7:10 - See, what comes to mind in this entire discussion, I have not heard one reference as to this County operating at the peak of efficiency, and that there is no alternative BUT to raise taxes and/or re-structure this debt. My initial impression is that we must look back to what we have been entrusted before looking for more to entrust ourselves with...

UPDATE #14 - 7:13pm - Listening to the added costs (outside of the interest rates on these bonds).

It is sobering when you hear that borrowing $15mil will cost $9mil.

Winding up....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yes, in Robertson County, Tennessee

As reported in the RCT:
A bomb threat briefly emptied the Robertson County Office building just before 2 p.m. today.
The Robertson County 911 Center was advised by Sumner County that they had received the threat from an untraceable cell phone number and that the link was traced to a cell tower in Sumner County. The caller said the bomb was in General Sessions Court in Robertson County.
Robertson County Sheriff's Office Captain P.R. West had the building sealed and searched before allowing people back in. The search was done quickly and efficiently, and turned up no indication of explosives.
General Sessions Judge Burton Glover wanted to continue with his court docket and once the building was declared safe, people filed back in to offices and courtrooms to resume schedules that had been interrupted.

Additional details will be posted as they become available.
All I could add is a little perspective as someone who was there for the afternoon court docket: It was brief disturbance that was handled with efficiency and professionalism
I appreciate the professional nature of the court officers, Springfield Fire Department and Robertson County Sheriff's Department. Without them, a troubling and confusing affair could have devolved into something that much more perilous.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I would be remiss to not pass along my well wishes to you and yours in this New Year!

It is times such as these that I have the opportunity, to pause, to reflect and dwell on what God has blessed me with this past year.

Cheers! To what He has in store for all of us in this New Year! God Bless!

Highway 431 Widening

I am passing along a notice I saw in the Robertson County Times. Jim Bellis reports that the Tennessee Department of Transportation is holding a "design public meeting" on January 13, 2011 at 5:00pm at Springfield High School.

The formal notification can be found here at the TDOT website. Here is the part that will interest everyone:
The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) will conduct a design public meeting on Thursday, January 13, 2011 in the small auditorium of Springfield High School, 5240 Hwy 76 East, Springfield, TN to discuss SR-65 (U.S. 431) from Old Highway 431 to Walling Road in Robertson County as shown on the general location map.
This project proposes to widen approximately 3.3 miles of SR-65 along the existing alignment. The proposed road will consist of two 12' travel lanes in each direction divided by a 52' depressed grass median. The proposed right-of-way will vary throughout the project with a minimum of 250'.
I hope that you will plan to attend. As this will have a tremendous impact on your District 10, Springfield and Robertson County, I plan to attend. Here are the details of the meeting:
The meeting will be held from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. during which time there will be a presentation and question and answer session. The public is invited to ask questions and make comments during the meeting. Representatives from TDOT will be present to answer questions on any aspect of the project. The preliminary plans will be displayed and the public is invited to review the displays anytime within the scheduled two hours.
I hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Our State Representative Joshua Evans provided this in the comments section in response to a comment. I just wanted to pass this along in the body of the post:

This meeting is on phase 2 of what will be a multi phase project. Phase 1 is two miles from Memorial Blvd up to where this project would begin, and should begin in the next two years. This is not a small addition, a highway of this type can cost $6 to $12+ million per mile. With these first two phases being a 5 mile total project, and the state picking up the cost, it would be a huge addition to the county. As for the future, the current state rep that covers the Davidson County portion, Rep. Gary Moore, is supportive of the project going all the way to I-24, and he and I will continue to work to get that project on the drawing board and funded... but it will be a long project. If we can get these first two phases moving, it would be a great start. Joshua