Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Minutes: Gorham-MacBane Public Library Board (2010.12.7)

I wanted to follow-up with you regarding the Library Board meeting I had informed you of earlier this week.
This meeting was called by the Chairperson Cindy Sneed as a follow-up from the request that the County Commission fund the project. I had discussed this in a previous post.

There had been several informal meetings amongst members of the Library Board and the Board's Capital Campaign Committee since the RCC considered the funding request several weeks ago. Yet, this was the first Library Board meeting since that time, and thus my first opportunity to sit down with them as a member of the Library Board.

The LB heard from David Brown, a representative of Kaatz, Binkley, Jones, Morris Architects, Inc. in order to hear what the "next step" would be for the design process of the Library Expansion Project.

Thus, this presentation being called with the purposes as to how the project is to move forward.

"Bid Ready" -
Succinctly, the next stage would be getting "bid ready" plans together which would allow for a better realization as to how much this project will cost. (Recall: the plans as proposed were not complete enough to determine a realistic figure and they were some 2-3 years old)

Part & Parcel -
Further, these plans will take the project part and parcel. Meaning that that the several areas of expansion will be separated into individual groups. What this will do will allow for certain part and parcels to be determined needed, wanted and the like. It will allow for the project to be assessed in whole or part. I thought that this was crucial because I did not want these poor economic times in which we live to dictate what we wanted to do when the economy picks up.

Mr. Brown said this phase would take approximately 2-3 months in order to put together these plans. It was generally understood that when these plans were put together that a presentation would be coordinated setting out the consultant's recommendations for these plans, a formal presentation of the plans as well as a joint-meeting of the City of Springfield and Robertson County.