Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sense for the Census

I came across this story today regarding the census results, and this story particularly skims through the analysis of the results. The story mainly discusses what this means across the country from state-to-state.

I have not seen many stories trickling out that discuss matters at the Tennessee level, much less on our County level.

But, as these numbers become a little more concrete, the RCC will begin its own analysis and consideration.
This was not an issue that was discussed by many folks as I knocked on doors throughout District 10. As memory serves, I do not even think the issue came up at any of the forums or events, either. Yet, it is one that will affect us all at a County level.

The census comes at a very opportune time for Robertson County in that it will give us that much more perspective on the allocation of our resources as we evaluate the needs that come from the growth we are experiencing now, and that which we expect to see in the years ahead.

TCCA Executive Director David Connor shares a link that I found useful, and you may as well.