Saturday, December 4, 2010

Robertson County-Springfield Learning Center “Walk-Thru / Construction Progress Update”

Yesterday, you may have seen my updates regarding the "Walk-Thru / Construction Update" at the Robertson County-Springfield Learning Center. If you did not have that opportunity, here are some of the photographs I was able to take yesterday afternoon. Also, I have posted these to my Facebook account.

Exterior construction will be imminently completed, and what that means is that workers will be able to concentrate on the interior. Obviously, this is particularly important since we have entered the winter months. This should keep the project on track with completion and readiness for Fall 2011.
I do not know if the pictures accurately portray, but what struck me is the magnitude of this project.
I drive by this structure each and every day on my way to and from work, and I have been steadily keeping track of the progress. From Batson Boulevard, it is impressive. I am sure many of you have observed the same, or have heard of the same. Yet, when you drive up to, and walk up to, the magnitude of the project is fully appreciated. We truly have something to be proud of here in Robertson County.