Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On My Mind

From one source or another, I have come across several stories sharing this same message:

Check out this video.

It may just be that this has been on my mind as the RCC moves forward to January 13, 2011 in considering what direction we may be taking related to finances.

In this video, I am not so much focusing on politics or the governor for it is not a matter of casting blame on who got us where as much as it is fixing what is broken….

This story namely focuses on state government, but if you hang around until 11:30/12:00 mark of the video, there is a healthy discussion of what these issues mean for local governments since these governments, in turn, rely on the state governments for significant portions of their budget.

Robertson County does.

But, make no mistake, I do not want this story to sound as though Robertson County is is on the verge of economic collapse, and we are going to be in default in some way…..but, we must shift course from the analysis and decisions made in the past.

Though, Robertson County is deficit spending, and we have been told that there is no other option but to re-structure our debt, and/or raise our taxes…..