Saturday, June 2, 2012

MPO: Robertson County is Still Waiting....

You may have seen this story recently – hopefully the MPO (the “Metropolitan Planning Organization”) will make a decision soon as to accepting Robertson County as a member.

I have spoken about the MPO before, but if you need additional information as to just what the MPO is and how this affects Robertson County – more information can be found here.

Welcome! the Tennessee Technology Center.

Bare with me for a moment, the initial segment to this post has to do with Dickson County….
Now, as many of you have asked me before – why are you sharing news from other counties? Well, the simple answer is that I have several Tennessee counties of comparable size, close proximity and others that I keep up with just to learn what is going on in other counties. I like to think that it assists me with what we can do here in Robertson County so as to be the best for our citizens.
Sometimes, as it is with this story out of Dickson County, it coincidentally ratifies just what we are doing here in Robertson County.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Week of June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012-June 8, 2012

Date & Committee/Board   Time                      Location

Monday – June 4

Finance Committee               4:00 pm            Finance Office

Building and Grounds            5:00 pm            County Office Building

Tuesday – June 5

Wednesday – June 6

Thursday – June 7

Budget Committee                         5:00 pm                Finance Office
Planning Commission                     7:00 pm                County Office Building  
Friday – June 8


Robertson County Director of Schools Search: The Search Continues

From Robertson County Schools

The Robertson County Board of Education is now accepting application for the position of Director of Schools.
Interested individuals should contact Mr. Wayne Qualls by email at;
I hope to have more information on the search – mainly, a timeline for your calendars in the very near future.

Looking Forward to Taste of Country USA!

Simply put, I had a blast last year at this event.
The second-annual Taste of County USA is set for June 9 in Robertson County, bringing in thousands of people to Springfield’s downtown square ready to sample a taste of pre-summer fun.
The event, sponsored by the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce, offers free admission to the event spread across several city blocks. More than 50 arts and crafts and business vendors have already signed up to participate this year.

Coming Together for Our Northern Residents

I was pleased to see this funding measure pass at the May Regular Meeting of the Robertson County Commission.

Last week the Robertson County commission approved the funding for treatment of the Red River to kill the larvae of the black fly, the bloodsucking pest that has plagued residents in the northern part of the county this year.
The resolution was brought before the commission after many calls of complaint came to Mayor Howard Bradley from residents living along the Red River. People on both sides of the state line reported swarms of the flies, saying that they couldn’t go outside their homes without being bitten. Mark Hopkins of Enscience, Inc., an expert on the fly who has been working with local government to get rid of them, said that people have told him of infections caused by the bites, as well as others who have been bitten inside their ears or on their eyes by the tiny insects.
It was certainly pleasing to see commissioners from all corners of Robertson County come together to bring much needed aid to residents in the northern portion of Robertson County residing along and near the Red River.  
Mayor Bradley should be commended for his effort to coordinate between Kentucky, Tennessee, Logan County and Robertson County – not an altogether easy task.