Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Minutes: Special Called Meeting of the RC School Board (RC Education Committee) 2010.12.20

The RC School Board's Special Called Meeting will prove to be the beginning of a discussion on several issues:

The bid was announced for the Alternative School project at the recently purchased Water Bonnet property. As well, an architect was chosen for the re-design and re-location of the Central Office.

The immediate bottom-line is that the GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE for the Alternative School now stands at roughly $1,500,000.00. I know that many of you will immediately recall that this is a greater number than that which was bantered about just a couple of months ago when the Water Bonnet property purchase occurred.

Well, what coincides with this increase is the School Board's decision to escalate the timetable for the relocation of the Central Office to the Water Bonnet property.

I do not know exactly how long this has been discussed, but it does not come as such a surprise, because some of the thought with the federal grants received that made the Alternative School that much easier to digest may be used to assist getting the Water Bonnet property "ready" for consolidation of offices from around the County.

I think what will be a surprise to many of you is the timetable. This was the first the RC Education Committee had heard of this effort, as well.

As an Education Committee, we will have firm numbers before our January meeting that I hope to pass along.