Sunday, December 12, 2010

UPDATE: Highland Crest College

Here is an update from my post last week on the Highland Crest College (Robertson County-Springfield Learning Center).
In the Robertson County Times, Margot Fosnes (Executive Director, Robertson County Chamber of Commerce) discusses some of the particulars from the visit, and what is in store in days, weeks and months ahead:
Volunteer State will take the lead role in operating the new learning center with an on-site director, faculty and staff. Vol State classes will include general education requirement courses that apply to most of the degree and program options at the College. Austin Peay will provide upper level courses in areas of study identified to have appeal in the community. A number of specific academic programs are under consideration for Highland Crest and course offerings will begin to take shape in the spring.
Two full-time administrative staff will be employed by Volunteer State, an on-site director and an administrative assistant. Volunteer State hopes to have both of these positions filled by late winter in order to have representatives in the community, spreading the word about the opportunities that will be available in the fall.
One more thing that Margot said that I will definitely echo:
For those who visited the construction site last week, the level of enthusiasm and excitement about the future of higher education in Robertson County was high.
Highland Crest College Campus is obviously going to be a source of pride for our community and a visible symbol of our community's investment in its future.