Sunday, August 7, 2011

Follow-Up: School Zone Meeting

In a follow-up piece from the ‘School Zone Meeting’ where I referenced Robertson County Schools creating a “task-force” for analyzing and proposing solutions to the issues that Springfield City schools and Robertson County Schools face.
I have been selected to this task-force, and I will look forward to our first meeting later this month.
Here are the other members on the “Study Committee for Review and Recommendation of Educational Initiatives in the Springfield School Cluster:”  
Michelee Darnell – Teacher
Kathy Gunn – Parent / ReDI (Chamber of Commerce)
Jonathan Garner – Robertson County Commissioner
Billy Paul Carneal – Mayor, City of Springfield
Harold Barbee – Principal
Committee Chairman Danny Weeks – Asst. Director of Schools
Stephanie Mason – Supervisor
Mike Morris – Principal
Tamika Harrison – Parent
Debbie Quilty – Bath Fitters
Suzan Brown – Krisle
Lewis Walling – Coopertown Middle School
It is a Robertson County issue, and I will look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress.
For me, each and every option is on the table. I have said for some time that we must think well outside what we have thought before in seeking solutions to these persistent issues. Never is that more true than within our Robertson County Schools.