Sunday, April 17, 2011

County-by-County: Comparing the Property Tax Rates

Many of you have asked me just what the tax rates are for our surrounding counties.

Of course, this question was sparked by the recent story in the Robertson County Times discussing the possible property tax increase.
The numbers I pulled below are the “base” property tax rates. I say “base” because they do not represent the entire tax rate. Municipalities within the respective counties have additional taxes on top of the respective county taxes. Some counties, such as Cheatam County have additional taxes for fire districts. I have not included those for comparison since it is hard to compare based on those separate taxes.
If you would like to investigate further, please follow this link to the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury – Division of Property Assessment. A link can be found here: 2010 PROPERTY TAX RATES:
County                      Property Tax Rate
North Middle Tennessee
Cheatam County              $              2.78                       
Sumner                               $             2.02.08 
Robertson                           $              2.61
Dickson                                $              2.85
Montgomery                     $              2.88
Trousdale                            $              3.00
Wilson                                 $              2.4327

Middle/Southern Middle Tennessee
Davidson                             $              3.56
Rutherford                         $              2.4652
Maury                                   $              2.59
Williamson                        $              2.26
Marshall                              $              3.09
Bedford                               $              2.27


  1. thanks for the blow-by=blow. The 12 million for schools debt service is eating up all our money and some want to build more. how much more separated can we be as a county. will we only stop this wreckless spending when we have a school on every corner in the county?????

  2. Um, those that want to build more are not in the school system. (Hello, City of Springfield...)

  3. Look at the other counties wheel tax and other fees and where does Robertson county stand.A tax is a tax,let's look at the whole picture.

  4. could you give use the average income of thoes countyes as well

  5. The commissioners should focus on the largest expenditure on the budget and refuce spending in those departments. Also the school board should be given amount of money and expected to spend within budget.