Sunday, March 25, 2012

The "Batson Property" Purchase

On Monday, March 19, 2012 , at the Regular Meeting the RCC voted to allow the Robertson County School Board to purchase what has come to be called the “Batson Property.”

I wanted to note here that if you would like an electronic copy of the contract and/or the site plan for this endeavor, please e-mail. I will be happy to send them to you, since I am not able to post them here on FTB.
SIDE NOTE: Many folks have been asking me how and where the RC Commission “found the money” to purchase the property. The Robertson County Commission did not purchase this property – Robertson County Schools purchased this property – they will be using funds from their own budget to do so. Frankly, RCS came to the RCC for the purposes of the RCC to purchase the property. It was made known early on that the County is not anywhere near the financial position to undertake that project, but anything could be done to assist would be done since the purchase of this property was so ideal.


  1. Jonathan, where is the property located? Also what has been the proposal for this property as far as school type?

  2. Bobby: Thank you for asking - I hope all is well. The property is located on Batson Blvd. (hence - "Batson Property"). It is directly across from the Highland Crest College Campus. Right now, the discussion centers around an elementary school. Though, with the fiscal conditions of the county, this will be a project that is a few years out at best.

  3. Jonathan,

    Do you think that a new school is going to "fix" the ongoing problems with the Springfield schools? Unless there are some serious plans to redistrict a lot of students, the only thing will have is another school to pay for with the same results. Someone has got to make a stand on this issue before anything else is done. I feel certain you saw the total chaos going on when redistricting was mentioned about a year ago. There have got to be more proactive people working on this issue that what there have been thus far.