Sunday, March 13, 2011

Electrolux: Tennessee, Memphis & Springfield

If you were like me over the last few weeks, Electrolux has been in the news quite a bit. (See here, here and here.)
It was interesting to see the banter around the move, and the new Memphis site. Like many in Robertson County, it spawned a few questions of what this means for the Springfield facility. It concerned me that if even with the new facility moving to Memphis that they would consolidate facilities in some form or fashion, but I have not seen one story to that effect. Further, I have heard that this will not be the case.
But, just what does it mean for Springfield and Robertson County? That, I could not answer at this point.
One thing, I do know: I agree with Margot Fosnes’s Op-Ed in The Tennesseean.
Memphis deal is a boost
The announcement of the expansion project in Memphis was greeted with smiles here in Springfield because we all knew that this investment is a vote of confidence for the Tennessee business environment, as well as an affirmation that company officials are pleased with the performance and work force at the Springfield operation.
In an environment where there is the constant threat that manufacturing jobs could easily be moved overseas, the Electrolux decision is a triumph for the competitiveness and competence of our local work force and the willingness of city, county and state officials to do what it takes to keep jobs here at home.
Springfield and Robertson County look forward to a long and productive future with Electrolux Home Products here in our community. We stand ready to work together with them to grow their operations here as business plans allow. We count our community fortunate to have Electrolux call Robertson County home.