Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shannon Polen

It has been difficult to keep up with this story as it unfolds. It even crept into the national media.
And, to think, I did not even know of the arrest but for a telephone call I received from Jim Bellis of the Robertson County Times letting me know of the story he broke this morning:
Robertson County Commissioner Shannon Polen was arrested at his home Tuesday night by officials from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Office of Special Investigations with the Tennessee Attorney General.
Polen was charged with three felony counts of theft of property and taken to the Davidson County Jail for booking.
Held on a total of $400,000 bond, Polen made news recently after three civil lawsuits were filed against him for what has been described as a “Ponzi Scheme,” by some. He will now appear in court on April 4 to begin to answer his charges.
The Times will continue to update as further information becomes available .
Here are the other outlets that I have been keeping track throughout the day:
MSNBC here.
WTVF – Channel 5 here.
WSMV-TV - Channel 4 here & here.
As your RCC Ethics Committee Chairman, rest assured the RCC is keeping close track of these allegations as they unfold. Many have asked just what action the RCC will take in the days and weeks ahead.
We must remember that these allegations are unfolding at this point, and that this is an evolving process. The RCC Ethics Committee is keeping eyes and ears open monitoring this situation but due to the nature of these unfolding investigations, we cannot become another investigatory entity.
County, State and Federal officials are currently at work on their own investigations.
Of course, this investigation, and the connotations of this investigation do not cast Robertson County in a positive light. It is a dark day for everyone involved. It is our hope that the civil and criminal justice systems will bring Robertson County swift justice.

UPDATE - 4/4/2011: Check out the update to this post - "Commissioner Shannon Polen Resigns"


  1. It is sad that this young man has destroyed the faith of people in him. The saddest thing is the injustice he did to the innocent who invested in his illegal trick. Not only that he has tarnished the name of Robertson County and it's leaders and citizens. All this for personal gain and what he probably thought would elevate him in the eyes of people.
    Surely his name will be noted from now on -not as upstanding business man but as a common thief.

  2. With all the money he stole he should be able to afford the best lawyers in Nashville. Peoplen that prey on ederly, and trusting folks and a family name are the lowest of the low.

    A money trail is the easist trail in the world to follow. I believe we will find expensive hotel rooms, high end liquor, and living beyond ones means behind the scandel.

    Now his life, his family's life and his victims lives are in jeopardy. Shannon must ask himself, was it really worth his freedom? family? reputation? and seeing his daughter grow up?

    I think not.

    The worst thing you can take from a person is their dignity, and when you con someone that is what you truly take not just their retirement savings but their faith in humanity.

    If he gets what he deserves he will then hell on earth will be his reality.

  3. Shame on Shannon for thinking this world owes him a free ride. A free ride will = his freedom!

  4. behind the sceneApril 4, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    I would urge everyone to consider why it is so important to heed God and His rules. It is not without reason that He made His commandments known to men, it is to prevent tragedies like this from happening. It is sad, watching America toss off restraints today, but things like this happen (and will continue to happen) until we resubmit to His authority.

  5. This is so sad for many people. He is not the first person to do this type of scheme and more than likely won't be the last. One thing I have noticed during all of this is the difference people are making between him and Ed Hood. That was all so hush, hush, and this is all people are talking about.

  6. Just remember...if it sounds to good to be true, it is!!!

  7. I would imagine there is much more in his past than this, hopefully Justice will be served on him and all whom were involved. If the so called "victims" were investing in illegal/unscrupulous activity then they got what they deserved, if there are true "innocent" victims, then they have learned a valuable lesson and I pray they can recover from this. Thank you Johnathan for your stand on this, so much better than Howard Bradley's initial comment.

  8. Wait until they find out that he also torched his mother's house in 2009!

  9. one of his CLOSE family members has told me that he is guilty of everything he has been accused of. he had a very bad gambling addiction.. that is the reason he did it

  10. I am close to one of the victims. Just so people are aware, this was presented as a LEGITIMATE investment. We need to remember who the criminal is here and not make statments that INNOCENT people "got what they deserved". There were also many elderly retired couples affected by this scheme. Did they "get what they deserve"?

  11. polen was the one who got rid of the honorable constables in robertson county,saying they were crooks,hes a lier,he and dent morris are scumbags...