Sunday, March 27, 2011

MY Minutes: 2011.3.21 - RCC Regular Meeting

Several folks have e-mailed me inquiring what the results were with some of the resolutions from Monday (from the Regular Meeting March 21st).
As always, here are results of the votes (in bold font), and my editorial comment (in italics).

Appointment / Library Board
Ms. Linda Thompson was nominated, and appointed to the Library Board.
I will look forward to serving with her.

Budget Amendments
The Highway Commission and Robertson County Schools had proposed Budget Amendments. Both of these resolutions passed without discussion.
Generating the most discussion of the night, the backpay for former EMS employees was taken up by the RCC.
You will recall, and you have probably heard talk of this throughout the County. It was not an easy vote, and quite candidly it was a very difficult decision for the body. Recall that this proposal has been discussion, re-discussed and discussed again.
This issue stems from some of the original turmoil coming from EMS as noted here.
In my humble opinion, what made this such a difficult issue was the allegations and rumors surrounding EMS. But, at the end of the day, the pervasiveness of these problems dictated the outcome that the RCC had to come to terms with – that the lack of oversight and adherence to polices & procedures created a low standard of accountability that the RCC was bound to in making this decision.
At the end of the day, the RCC could night change the” rules of the game” when it came to these employment matters. I underscore employment matters because notwithstanding the issues and concerns with EMS, the employment matters will be handled separately.
The RCC could not consider both.
That is what made this decision tremendously difficult.
At the end of the day, I did not like it, but I think the RCC took the right approach. It brings the County closure on this issue, and allows the EMS Committee to focus on much needed reform in EMS.
This reform is forthcoming.

10 Commandments Resolution
The resolution I mentioned in the couple of weeks leading up to this meeting PASSED.
It passed overwhelmingly.
I do not mind sharing with you that I voted against this resolution. I did, for several reasons. Most notably, I see no reason for the RCC to take such a position on such an issue spontaneously. It is spontaneous for this is but a special interest matter of a handful of folks. We do not have an existing monument or placard here in the County that is currently under attack by some outside group.
Now, we have drawn a line in the sand.
I just hope that no one was watching when we did.

Law Enforcement / Sheriff’s Department
There were several proposals brought to the floor by way of the Robertson County Sheriff’s Department.
-          28-Day workweek: This proposal will give way to allow the RCSD to change the way that they schedule their shifts. The Sheriff hopes that it will allow them more flexibility in the way they schedule a work-week, by moving to 12-hour shifts. Further, over time, the objective will be a cost saving measure since it will likely decrease the amount of overtime.
-          Inmate Booking Fee: Relatively self-explanatory as it assesses a fee for the booking process in the Robertson County Detention Facility.
-          Inmate Medical Payment Plan: Relatively self-explanatory as it assesses a fee for medical payments incurred while an inmate is incarcerated.