Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UPDATE: Highland Crest College

It is always a pleasure to share an update on the Highland Crest College campus.
In the last two days, two stories. (Here & Here)
It looks like we, and I say “we” as in Robertson County, are on track for opening in August.
From NewsChannel5 –
SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. - Higher Education in Robertson County is closer than it has ever been in the past. After debates, votes and much planning, college level classes will soon be offered in a brand new facility in Springfield.
Getting a college education has been out of reach for many people in Robertson County for years, but now Volunteer State Community College is helping to change that.
"It was a tough decision," said first year Vol State Student Paul Farmer. "I'm married, have children and I have wanted to further my education for quite a few years now."
The 42-year-old husband and father has a 45 minute commute from Greenbrier to school, which is taking a toll on his family as gas prices get closer to $4 a gallon.
That all could be a thing of the past soon. The Highland Crests campus, also know as the Robertson County College, is set to open it's doors in the fall for students at both Vol State and Austin Peay State University.
After nearly three years, the 25,000 square foot building is near completion as the building is looking more like a school.
Classrooms are getting their final touches, stairs are built and dry erase boards are hanging up.
"We have put together a very comprehensive schedule from 8 a.m. until the evening," said Highland Crest campus director. "So, we're hoping to accommodate the needs of everyone."
Martin said the new building will bring education, the gift that keeps on giving.
"I'm really excited about it." said Farmer. "Not only that I get to take advantage of it, but my daughter starts college in the fall, so both of us will take advantage of a shorter commute to class."
The school is expected to be move-in ready by July, with the first day of classes starting August 29.