Saturday, March 19, 2011

Re-Districting Timeline

The 2010 Census does not just provide us with information the best way to manage our resources, and plan for the existing and coming growth to Robertson County.
Immediately, we will begin work on how to re-district our commission districts. Here is a brief outline of what the RCC will be doing over the coming weeks and months – this information provided by CTAS(the University of Tennessee’s County Technical Assistance Service):
Our offices will not receive the 2010 census population date until April, therefore, the actual work involved with redistricting will not begin until June or July. The statutorily deadline to complete redistricting is January 1, 2012. Depending on when the census maps and population data are available, you will only have between five and six months to develop and finalize a new county commission district plan. As a result, we recommend that local officials
·         Establish a redistricting committee;
·         Review your current districts
·         Review private acts in your county
·         Read the manual that will be sent out
·         Appoint a technical lead or point of contact person in your county to avoid confusion
I am looking forward to this process.
Again, I cannot help to keep pointing this out for it allows us to strategize as opposed to merely reacting.
I would be curious to hear your thoughts and your perspectives.


  1. Does this have any impact on the school systems?

  2. Kathy: Are you asking about district lines? That remains to be seen.

  3. It can change the school board districts, but not the school zones. Those are set by the board of education.