Saturday, March 12, 2011

Highway 431 Expansion

Most everyone knows the expansion so far, but I wanted to pass this along nevertheless.
I will be interested to see what can be done with further expansion towards I-24. In conversations with Representative Joshua Evans, he has expressed before that more conversations are being had about that effort.
Here are some of the details (the rest of the story can be found here):
[Allan] Ellis said the widening of the road to William A. Batson Parkway is being referred to as Phase One, while Phase Two is expected to widen the road a little further south down 431.
“We know commuters are very interested in TDOT widening that road all the way down to Interstate 24, but TDOT hasn’t planned that yet. They are planning on, sometime in the future, continuing the divided four lane highway about 3-1/2 more miles to where Old Highway 431 comes into Highway 431.”
Ellis explained that there are several places where Old Highway 431 intersects with Highway 431. The one referenced is just south of the Coopertown border, near the Pebble Brook Golf Course.