Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Taste of Robertson County

I thought I would pass this press release for ‘A Taste of Country’ sponsored by the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce.
Though this is generally outside my discussions regarding all things effecting RC government, I thought I would take a second to share this with you. Reason being, well, reasons…I am a member of the RCCoC, and I support their efforts in making this most attractive community in Middle Tennessee. But, more importantly, and to the point I would like to share. Any and all events that can help unify RC are important and should be supported.
As a commissioner, I am committed to overcome the sectionalism and self-interests prevalent throughout RC. This may be a bad example, but I think this presents a perfect example to showcase just how attractive this County is to Middle Tennessee, the State and beyond.
We are proud to announce that a committee has been formed and plans are well underway for “A Taste of Country”, a festival designed to showcase all the best of Robertson County. The date has been set for Saturday, June 11, on and around our historic Court House Square in Springfield, and the day’s agenda will include music, food, arts and crafts and the agricultural heritage of which Robertson County is so proud. This date was chosen to coincide with downtown Nashville’s annual CMA Fest. This week-long event attract fans from all over the U.S. and beyond, and hoteliers tell us that many of these visitors are looking for a chance to get out of the city for a spell and experience the small-town, rural atmosphere of Nashville’s surrounding areas.
Check out the entire press release if you have a moment. The County needs more folks interested in these kinds of endeavors, and it needs folks like you.