Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strategic Plan: Part 1 - 2010-11 Goals

The RCC will be discussing this on Monday at a meeting at the Robertson County of Chamber.

This vision, this plan…this was something that continued to come up over and over again by folks last summer on the trail.
“Where is the County going?” // “What goals do we have?” // “What goals do you have?” // It seems like the County is floundering, now what do we do?” – These, and countless other questions as I knocked on doors - were posed to me. Speaking with other commissioners and other candidates, these questions were frequent and from vast amounts of folks. Folks just like you. Anyone and everyone asked, and asked frequently.
Well, here it is. Here is the answers to the questions.
Part of what drew me to the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce when I first came here to Springfield and Robertson County was the fact that it as a group and the folks that comprised the Chamber – were one of the only vibrant groups that worked towards goals and had a vision for this County.
Well, here is a challenge to each of you, and any others. I am going to go through the aspects of the ‘Strategic Plan’ and I am going to ask for feedback. I know that some folks may not feel comfortable expressing things in a public forum, so any way to get back with me is encouraged. Reason I ask, it is your County.
First, here are the 2010-11 goals.
2010-11 Goals with Action Steps:
Improved transportation infrastructure in Robertson County.   
- Establish transportation committee through Robertson County Chamber.
- Pursue county-wide membership in MPO
- Begin development of plan for a 4-lane connector from I65 to I24 through         Springfield.      
- Continue support of exit for TN/KY industrial park off  of I65
Develop comprehensive growth, land use and transportation plan for Robertson County
- Continue meetings of Quality Growth Advisory Committee.
- Map out steps for growth plan development.
- Educate stakeholders on importance of growth plan.
- Obtain funding to cover costs of developing growth plan..
- Preserve farm land and support agribusiness.
Cooperation between all three water districts in Robertson County on a future county wide water plan.
- Officially form advisory council with representatives from all three water districts.
- Have advisory council develop a strategic plan fr improving connectivity and providing adequate water supply for future growth.
Improved relationships with, involvement of, and support with existing industry.
- Develop updated existing industry guide.
- Meetings with each existing industry to evaluate needs and future plans
- Begin work to development an “industry appreciation” event.
- Fully implement LIFE program at Springfield HS’s CTE Center and grow involvement of local industry.
Develop marketing plan for attracting new business & industry targeting higher wage jobs.
- Design and develop marketing collateral for recruitment of new business and industry.
- Redesign economic development web site and update online inventory of available land and buildings.
- Begin process to identify target industries for future recruitment.
- Continue work to develop Industrial Park on I24 corridor.
Develop and market Robertson County’s tourism assets.
- Complete tourism asset inventory
- Develop Tourism Advisory Council with existing businesses and venues which have an interest in increasing visitors to Robertson County.
- Leverage the upcoming roll-out of the “Ring Of Fire  Trail” by state tourism department to increase marketing of Robertson County tourism venues.
- Begin work on developing a  county-wide signature event .
- Explore options for the development of a large event space.
 Develop Beautification/Recycle program for all of Robertson County.
- Increase beautification and anti-litter efforts.
- Develop  committee and identity
- Increase access to recycling county-wide.
- Develop anti-graffiti program with citizen and business involvement.
Launch Education Initiative to promote business and school partnerships
- Create strategy to improve public perception of Robertson County schools.
- Continue to survey businesses, industry, teachers and parents to measure satisfaction with education
- Distribute funding for  Renaissance program at all five high schools and mini grant program for teachers
- Begin work on a jobs/internship clearinghouse for high school and college students.
- Secure sustainable funding for the Robertson Education Initiative for the 2011-12 school year.
- Expand Arts Council involvement in public schools.
Increase interest in  Robertson County as Retire TN Community
- Develop a “discovery tour” for Robertson County to market at Live South trade shows and through website.
- Improve process of receiving and working leads provided by Retire TN program.
- Begin study of feasibility of new retiree communities in Robertson County.


  1. Just wondering why there has not been any recruitments in several years for manufacturing companies? Is this not a vital role of the Chamber of Commerce. Obviously, the education committee is worthless...look at our schools.

  2. Anonymous:
    Well, as a Chamber Member and Board Member, I would have to respectfully disagree with your statements.

    Let me just cut to heart of this issue. This "Strategic Plan" plan I discuss in this very post is not a Chamber item, but if not for the Chamber, this would not even be something I could discuss. There would not be one.

    The Chamber has filled a void lost in city and county leadership.

    Thanks for bringing this up to give me the oppurtunity to discuss this.