Saturday, April 2, 2011

RTA: Re-Constituting & Re-Joining

At our last Legislative Committee meeting, the committee voted to re-join Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).  The RCC will consider a resolution on this at our April Regular Meeting.
The RTA is in the process of re-constituting itself at this time. Here is some information on this process from their press release:
NASHVILLE – More buses and trains may be on their way to Middle Tennessee as a result of a unanimous decision of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board of Directors last week.
The board voted to restructure or reconstitute the RTA so that it could receive dedicated funds for public transit within the region. This action is a first step toward building the necessary foundation for a new and improved regional transportation system.  
On Jan. 19, the board adopted a resolution recommended by the Executive Committee of the board that had been evaluating the pros and cons of restructuring under the provisions of new state legislation. The RTA board passed the resolution after months of research and discussion.
“With the passage of this action, members are urged to go to their respective boards and commissions to ask them to adopt this resolution, and continue to be active and supporting members of the new board so that we can provide more and better transit options for our citizens,” Williamson County Mayor and former RTA Chair Rogers Anderson.
Gallatin Mayor and newly-elected RTA Chair Jo Ann Graves added, “We have a good long-range transportation plan; now we must figure out how we can make significant investments in transit for the benefit of our entire region, and we must do this quickly.”
Here is a little more information about the RTA. You will readily recognize it from the ‘Relax & Ride’ program and the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee.