Sunday, April 10, 2011

Robertson County Schools: "Table of Contents"

In this post, I just wanted to give reference to all of the “Robertson County Schools” posts I have put together or come across in the past couple of weeks.
I thought this may be helpful to folks if you would like to forward this along to those who would like to take part in this discussion, and to see all of the discussion this topic has generated in the past several weeks.
           Robertson County Schools: By the NumbersThis is the post that kicked off much of the discussion. It delves into the number of “economically disadvantaged” children per school.

Robertson County Schools: By the Numbers: UPDATED This is really a follow-up post to the original, but here I hope to illustrate the correlations between the economically disadvantaged, and the actual school’s grades.  

            UPDATED – Robertson County Schools: By the Numbers – Q&AIn this post, I have tried to answer each and every comment/question as they have come up via e-mail and/or comment.
 Joint Meeting: Robertson County Board of Education & Springfield Board of Mayor & Aldermen – April 12th -   The details of the letter sent from the City of Springfield.

           Robertson County Times“Springfield Demands Better Schools”

           Robertson County Schools: My Interview with NewsChannel5This piece covers the discussion as it unfolded.
I look forward to the continued discussion on this topic.
Thank all of you for your feedback and support these past two weeks! The support has been humbling, and the feedback has been wonderful.