Saturday, April 2, 2011

County Health Rankings

If you are like me, you continued to hear about the county health rankings that were released this week.
But if you were like me, you may not have not known how they were compiled, or just what they meant in detail…
Robertson County’s own Scott Raynes (of NorthCrest Medical Center) has an op-ed in The Tennesseean that helps break these numbers down.
TCCA Executive Director David Connor shares some additional information, and also a link that has a county-by-county break down of the rankings themselves.
For those who are curious, Robertson County ranked 9th.
Here’s how our neighbor counties fared:
Sumner                   - 2nd
Wilson                   - 6th
Montgomery         - 10th
Davidson              - 13th
Cheatam              - 21st
Dickson               - 31st