Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robertson County Schools: My Interview with NewsChannel 5

In case you missed it, NewsChannel5 covered this developing story from earlier today. Here is a excerpt from my interview.

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. - Low test scores and a poorly diversified school system have a group of leaders in one city calling for a change.
When it comes to education in Robertson County, the school system's slogan says it best: "Expect Success."
But recent test scores have many leaders from the county's biggest city, Springfield, calling for the school board to diversity the schools in hopes of increasing achievement.
County Commissioner Jonathan Garner said he has recognized an issue that ultimately becomes a problem for everyone.
"Families are moving out of Springfield, out of the city to go to other school districts," said Garner.
Many people said a problem solver could be redistricting. This could allow schools to become more diversified throughout the county. Some people hope this will give more economically disadvantage kids educational options.
"You hear all those talked about, but right now I think the city, the county and the school board are all working together to acknowledge just what, if any, problem there is," said Garner.