Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011.4.14 Budget Committee Meeting

Last Thursday, the RCC Budget Committee re-convened after their meeting of Thursday, April 7, 2011. The April 7, 2011 meeting was continued.
A tentative 2011 Budget was introduced at the previous meeting. The tentative budget sparked a heated discussion by those Robertson County Government Department Heads that were in attendance. This discussion was due to the proposed cuts and a deviation from the “old process.”
Now, as of this second meeting, the “old process” will be implemented. Under the “old process,” Department Heads personally meet with the Robertson County Finance Director Jody Stewart wherein they will generate their proposed budget. After doing so, their budget will be submitted to the Budget Committee for consideration. This apparently was part of what sparked the heated discussion, because this proposal was a deviation from the “old process.” Candidly, I am not a proponent of the “old process” for there is little, if any, proactive participation by the commission in the formation of respective budgets.
Regardless of the process, it is going to be a difficult year.