Saturday, January 15, 2011

State Revenues: More of the Same

From the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle:

Again, more encouraging news…..BUT, nothing definitive.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Revenue collections are showing continued improvement in Tennessee's finances, but the state panel responsible for setting projections for the next budget year has unted that task for another month.
The State Funding Board was supposed to release its projections for the upcoming spending year in December, but blamed a water leak in a state office building for delaying until January.

But at Thursday's meeting, the panel agreed to put off the estimates until next month so it can incorporate holiday shopping activity in December and give the administration of Republican Gov.-elect Bill Haslam a say in the projections after he takes office.

General fund collections were $34 million above projections in December, which reflects economic activity in the previous month. Revenue collections for the year to date stand at $78 million above estimates.
I guess we can look forward to the numbers when they are actually released. Just my footnote, but it seems that if they were that encouraging, a water leak would not be cause for delay.

But, hey, that is just me….