Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MY Minutes: Gorham-MacBane Public Library Board Meeting – 2011.1.16

Last Friday morning marked my second meeting with the Gorham-MacBane Public Library Board of Directors as a member.

What a packed agenda, and it is exciting to see a board with such energy. Too many times you see entities or groups that have no energy, and this is definitely not so with the Gorham-MacBane Library Board.
With that said, this packed agenda included a new direction for the Board's finances, an update from Regional Librarian, and a general update on the steps towards expansion.

Audit Report / Financial Direction –
Though I am not privy to the relationship before, the new finances/accounting are being modernized for the position the Board is in with the community. Meaning, the standing that the Board has with the community makes this a natural step. Singleton Financial Services will be taking over. Though I have not ever worked with Jamie Singleton and his folks, there reputation and standing within the community puts the Board in good hands.

The Library Board was presented with the findings from a recent audit, and given recommendations in moving forward.

As it was pointed out by several Board members, this housekeeping puts the Board in a better position to sell-itself to potential donors as the Capital Campaign moves forward (for the Library Expansion Project). On its face, I would certainly concur, and anything that the Board can do in this regard is certainly welcomed.

Regional Librarian Report –
I have not heard from the Regional Librarian before so I welcomed the opportunity to hear from her as to the state of the state & region.

She presented a memo that is in the works with the Tennessee Secretary of State. Apparently, there has been an evaluation firm that has presented findings with the understanding that there will be some major changes throughout the state. Once the Haslam Administration is settled, we should know more.

Update from Cindy Sneed on Library Expansion –
 We can expect plans to be available in the next two weeks. There were the plans that were discussed several weeks ago.