Monday, January 24, 2011

LIVE BLOG: RC Commission - Regular Meeting 2011.1.24

Invocation by Dr. Dean of Springfield Baptist Church

Mayor Bradley speaking on the RTA - Relax and Ride trial program; all are welcome to join on January 31st; trip to begin at 6:30am but confirm with the Mayor's office.

Update #2 - Congressman Diane Black will speak to the RCC on 2/3 at 4:30pm

Department reports passed

Hearing from Billy Vogle on the nominating Committee

Update #3 - Hearing reosltuion from Planning & Zoning

Hearing from the Commissioner Steve Haley in regards to the RC Schools - Guarnateed Maximum Price (Recall what I had spoke to in a previous post);

Recognized Dan Whitlow as a member of the body; Comm. McAfee points out that the costs of grown - Dan Whitlow explaining that the project has expanded to include speculation on the move of the Central Office.

Update #4 - 60% of bids will be local; not necessarily the bigger contractors, but 60% local on this job - looks like these figures, since it is a smaller project, allow for a higher percentage. Passed.

Update #5 - Hearing from Commissioner Haley on the energy efficiency loan agreement; Passed.

Update #6 - Resolutions 3 & 4 have been stricken pending further consideration;

Budget Amendment - Commissioner Billy Ray - Essentially a move within the court shifting resources from the circuit court to the juvenile court; Judge Glover has approved. Passed.

Update #7 - Point of Privilege: Discussion / Follow-up regarding the presentaiton from Mr. McAnulty.