Friday, January 21, 2011

18th District: Neither ‘R’ nor ‘D,’ but ‘W’ (for Win) for Robertson County.

Congratulations to Kerry Roberts!

As a citizen of Robertson County, I am happy that Robertson County certainly will be well represented.

Kerry Roberts, of course, hails from Robertson County…

Republican or Democrat aside, it is certainly a positive for Robertson County. Of course, Kerry must now face Democratic nominee Ken Wilber on the March 8th.

Here is the story:
Kerry Roberts of Springfield won by wide margins in Robertson County and ran a strong third in Sumner, while Gallatin candidates Bryan Bondurant and William Slater split the Sumner vote. The 18th District seat covers all of Robertson and all but one precinct in Sumner.
Roberts, 49, will face Democratic nominee Ken Wilber in the March 8 general election. Wilber currently serves as mayor of Portland.
"I hoped to win but it was a very close race, and I'm just very excited and thrilled by the outcome," Roberts said Thursday.

Here are the totals:

The first number is votes in Robertson County. The second number is votes in Sumner County while the third number is their total of votes for both counties.

Bryan Bondurant, 118 1454 1572
Fred Congdon, 16 215 231
Joe Warren Jones 13 119 132
Kerry Roberts, 1496 835 2331
William Slater, 310 1391 1701
Jeff Stromatt. 26 55 81
Roberts takes the election by a 630-vote margin.
A special general election will be held on March 8. In it, the winners of each party’s primary election will face each other in a contest for the 18th District Tennessee Senate seat vacated by Diane Black.

I hope that Kerry does not mind me publishing this from his e-mail newsletter:

Today has been an exhilarating day as we celebrate the primary victory. First and foremost, I praise God for his goodness, mercy, and love. There were many difficult days along the way but he is faithful. Second, I thank my lovely wife, Dianne, and our children. The sacrifice on a family is almost too much to bear - but they have been steadfast in their determination to help me win. Finally, I thank each of you - you have a been a wonderful source of encouragement and strength.

Our celebration is short-lived, though. We started working today on the general election which will be March 8th and I'm thrilled to have the support of the other Republican candidates! Please go ahead and circle the date on your calendars now.

Thanks again for all your help! Kerry