Saturday, March 31, 2012

Robertson County Director of Schools: Individual Interview Schedule

I appreciate Robertson County Education Initiative (REdI) Director, Kathy Johnson Gunn, keeping the Community update with information related to the Director of Schools search. The information below comes from her notification as to the interview schedule – I wanted to pass it along here.
The schedule for the five school director candidates’ visits to the Robertson County Chamber and interview with the Board of Education has been set as follows:

4/2 - Danny Weeks
4/3 - David Roper
4/5 - Beth Wright
4/10 - Daniel Snowberger
4/12 - Stephen Dickerson
The schedule calls for them to arrive at the Robertson County Chamber at Noon.  Each night, the public interviews with the Board of Education and each the candidates starts at 6:30 pm at Central Office and the public is invited. I plan to attend all of these sessions, so if you have any questions for me – please do not hesitate to ask!
It is certainly welcome that the Robertson County Chamber has taken such a proactive role in being apart of the discussion and search for the next Director of Schools.


  1. I appreciate the chamber being interested. I just wish "proactive" didn't have to mean "antagonistic." Ask any educator in the county. They don't feel the chamber is on their side, despite what Mrs. Gunn espouses.