Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Neighbor to District 10

Thank-you to Jim Bellis at the Robertson County Times for this story on our soon-to-be-new-neighbor.
Many of you have asked, and thanks to Mr. Bellis I can share the answer!
District 10 will definitely welcome Holman Jewelers:

“What’s the building going up across from Kroger,” seems to be a common question around Springfield lately.
Brian Holman, of Holman Jewelers has that answer and more. The third, and newest location of the family-owned jewelry store is being built at the corner of Memorial Boulevard and Blackpatch Drive.
Holman said he anticipates being open for business on Aug. 1, and is looking forward to the new facility.
“We’re doubling our square footage,” he said, “from 1,600 square feet to 3,200. The showroom won’t be that much bigger, but we’ve added more storage, office and repair shop area.”
Holman Jewelers opened its doors originally when brothers, Billy G. and Buddy Holman began the business at 611 Main St. in Springfield in 1953. In 1972, they moved to their current location.
Now, Holman says they’re moving for what he hopes is the final time.
In preparation for the move, Holman said he has everyone sorting through items and boxes that have accumulated over the years. A self-confessed, “packrat,” he said the goal is to throw away at least one thing per day to lessen the volume of things that will be physically transported.
One item that has surfaced during this cleanup is the old Holman Jewelers neon sign. Holman said rather than disposing of it, he will try to have it restored and wants to hang it in the new store for memory’s sake.
Progress of the construction and move is updated regularly on the store’s Facebook page, and Holman encourages anyone to check it out in order to keep up with what’s going on. Their Facebook address is:
“We can’t wait,” said Holman, in reference to the move. “We’re really excited that it’s finally happening.”