Saturday, May 14, 2011

Library Expansion: "Revised Project Budget Projection"

These are the numbers I spoke of recently.

Earlier, I had pointed out that we the Gorham-MacBane Public Library Board had met to hear from the architects with regard to the Library Expansion project. Specifically, we received some preliminary figures.

I had hoped to provide you with a cost breakdown. Here is that breakdown through Kaatz, Binkley, Jones & Morris Architects:

Revised Project Budget Projection
Addition & Renovations at Gorham MacBane Public Library
May 5, 2011

A. Construction

1. Building Construction Cost                                                 $          4,261,225.00
(Based on estimate provided by R.G. Anderson)
2. Computers/Technology                                                                   90,000.00
3. Library Furniture Allowance                                                           300,000.00

Subtotal Construction & Allowances                        $          4,651,225.00

B. A/E Fee
(per article 3.4.19, 10.2.1 & 11.2.1 of Owner Architect Agreement)
1. Basic services 5% (remaining)                                                $              70,500.00
2. Civil Engineering including landscape
architect required by Springfield Planning                             $              17,000.00(1.5) 25,500.00

3. Reimbursables (renderings & interiors mock-ups)                            6,500.00

4. Reimbursables (printing bid documents)                                            5,000.00

Subtotal Fees & Reimbursables                                                $              107,500.00

C. Survey                                                                                                    $              1,300.00

D. Geotechnical Survey                                                                           $              2,360.00

Total Project Projection                                                                         $             4,762,385.00

Please note that the Library Board will be scheduling a meeting with the City of Springfield and the Robertson County Commission to present these plans. That meeting will hopefully be scheduled sometime in June.
The capital campaign has kicked off, so it will be great to hear the amount of progress that has been made towards this project.