Saturday, May 14, 2011

Highland Crest Update // Community Colleges Growing?

Highland Crest College is still on schedule. Many folks have asked for updates. Check out the “Vol State at Highland Crest” website located at the Vol State Community College site.

The following story is from the latest Vol State press release:
Volunteer State Community College has released the class schedule for Vol State at Highland Crest classes in Springfield. Nearly 60 courses are coming up this fall in subjects ranging from accounting to philosophy. The college is encouraging people interested in taking classes to view the schedule now to plan for registration, which will start in June for new students and is open now for current students.
The “Vol State at Highland Crest” site has much more information regarding classing offerings, admissions and all the information you need regarding Highland Crest. I would definitely bookmark the page.
In light of the vision of everyone who supported this endeavor…..I thought this piece from The Daily Herald (Columbia, Maury County) was particularly timely: “State’s Community Colleges Grow.”

CHATTANOOGA — State leaders’ plans to push community colleges into a more prominent role in Tennessee higher education is working, according to a recent study released by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Read the story in its entirety. It is a breath of fresh air for our community to be one the forefront of something.
I have always said that this project galvanized the optimism I have in this community’s potential. It just shows what can be done when this community pulls together to accomplish what it sets its mind to…the collaborative effort of the City of Springfield, the County of Robertson, leadership of NorthCrest Medical Center and countless private citizens made this such a worthy endeavor.