Sunday, July 17, 2011

Robertson County Schools: School Zone Meeting

The Robertson County Schools – Board of Education met on Monday, July 11, 2011. This was a “Special Called” Meeting and was advertised as a “School Zone Meeting” for the “purpose…to review, discuss and possibly take action on suggested zone changes for the 2011/12 and future school years.”

It was a productive meeting.
Formally, there was a proposal considered for busing children currently zoned for Springfield Middle School to Coopertown Middle School. This proposal was being considered to alleviate pressure at Springfield Middle School. This proposal was essentially tabled. It was deduced that there would be no real tangible results. Also, the costs would be considerable since there would be an introduction of another bus route.
What was interesting: a topic for discussion initiated by Board Member Jerry Converse. Summarily, this discussion had to do with converting Bransford Elementary School into a K-5 elementary magnet school or converting Bransford Elementary School into a K-5 elementary school for the County’s academically under-performing students (the rationale being that a concentration of those students would be an efficient allocation of resources for these students under one roof).
There was much discussion on these possibilities.
I am certainly intrigued by these possibilities since this is an earnest strategy to tackle the concerns with schools found within the City of Springfield.
These proposals are just the sort of thinking that I had in mind when the issue came to an impasse a couple of months back. It appears that this discussion has been researched to a great extent by Robertson County Schools.
It is encouraging to see that Robertson County Schools being so proactive with this issue.
It was determined that a task-force of sorts should be created comprised of governmental leaders, educators, civic/business leaders and parents to analyze and propose solutions centered on this proposition.
I voiced my willingness to serve on this task force.


  1. I've run the "under-performing magnate school" idea by a number of educators from both inside and outside our system, and have been met with a near unanimous answer - the board would be sued by those parents who do not wish their child to be labeled as an under achiever. I believe Dr. Farmer commented to that fact at the meeting. Those same educators also are in fair agreement that the "label" is not offensive to the children, but rather viewed by the parents as derogatory ("Don't you label MY child!"). Your thoughts, Jonathan, from the lawyer's corner?