Saturday, July 23, 2011

Redistricting in Robertson County

I saw this article from the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle about the status of Montgomery County’s re-districting status and process.
It looks as though a re-districting committee completed an evaluation, analysis and proposal as a proposal is moving forward to their county commission.
Where is Robertson County in the redistricting process?
In the past couple of weeks, a committee has been constituted. Members include:
Commissioners -
Bobby Jones (Chariman) – 10th District
Carol Dugger (Secretary) – 5th District
James Bowens  – 12th District
Billy Vogle – 7th District
Tommy Baggett – 9th District
Ex-Officio / Non-Voting Members –
Cathy Hamsley, Administrator of Elections
Bob Hogue, Planning & Zoning
At our last Regular Commission Meeting, Chairman Bobby Jones gave a status report as to the committee’s progress.
The Committee has met with a representative of the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury’s office. An outline of objectives was presented to the Committee.
Chairman Jones advised that the Committee hopes to meet at least 2x a month until a proposal is formally submitted to the Robertson County Commission. Further, a proposal must be passed by year’s end.