Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011.7.18 RCC Legislative Committee Meeting

The following 'quoted block' is the draft minutes from the Robertson County Legislative Committee Meeting – many thanks to Commissioner Steve Haley (Legislative Committee Secretary / 11th District) for providing me with these minutes. 

“The Legislative Committee of the Robertson County Commission was called to order by Chairperson Patsi Gregory.  This meeting was held on July 18 that 6:00 P.M. in the Juvenile Court Room.
Members present were Mayor Bradley and Robertson County Commissioners Gregory, Garner, Jones, Dorris and Haley.
Minutes were passed out and Commissioner Dorris moved that they be accepted with no additions, subtractions and two corrections.
Discussion ensued on the makeup and establishment the of audit committee.  Commissioner Haley moved that the committee be made up of 7 members.  No fewer than 4 of these members will be County Commissioners.  The motion was second by Dorris.  Motion passed with no opposition.  
Next Commissioner Dorris recommended that the Audit committee will be appointed so that 4 of the members serve a 1 year term and the remaining a 2 year term.  Thereafter all members shall be appointed to serve 2 year terms.  The motion was second by Garner and passed with no opposition.”
What this essentially means is that the Audit Committee I had previously discussed was formed. It will be comprised of seven total members, and at least 4 of those members will be commissioners. Three positions can be filled by non-commissioners.
The next stage of the process is to constitute the committee, which will be done by the Nominations Committee.