Saturday, November 17, 2012

Robertson County Growth Plan: EXPLAINED

Many of you have asked me what the Comprehensive Growth Plan “is” and what it will mean for Robertson County since I had previously discussed it back in October.  It is a project that cannot be easily reduced to a sound bite or a blurb, but my quick two-second response is that it is an “assessment of where we are, and where we would like to be.” Here is a much more thorough explanation of what this project encompasses –

“The Robertson County Comprehensive Growth and Development Plan is an intergovernmental initiative of the County and the Cities of Adams, Cross Plains and Coopertown to create a long-term vision and strategic plan for the County’s residents. Based on a comprehensive and inclusive community outreach process, the 2040 Vision Plan will be created for this county located north of Nashville. Citizens in the County desire to retain the rural, farmland economy that is unique to this region, while managing encroaching growth from the Nashville metropolitan area and capitalizing on opportunities for economic development. This effort includes engaging a broad and diverse population in a variety of formats including one-on-one interviews, community meetings, web-based consensus-building tools and workshops. A final comprehensive plan and strategic plan is the product of this effort.”
As you can see, this project is critical for Robertson County.
Please take a minute to go to the Comprehensive Growth Plan website found here (simply go to the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce website – and add “/growth”
In following posts, I will let you know how you can provide input towards this effort. Your input is critical!